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Lancashire County Trials 2005

County Trials Results

Lancashire County Trials will be held at Tonge Table Tennis Club, Bolton on 10/11 September 2005 (Juniors 10 Sept, Cadets 11 Sept), To enter please contact your league secretary who will shortly be receiving an entry form. If necessary you can also contact Joan Rushton Tel: 0161 799 6280 e-mail: to enter directly.
Please note that players must play in a League affiliated to Lancashire County.

Trials are held by the County every year for Cadets and Juniors. The County Committee arrange a venue and pay the associated costs, every League affiliated to the County is advised of the date and venue of the trials and is invited to submit the name of any number of players to take part in the trials. The running of the trials is delegated to a member of the County Committee, who decides the number and size of the groups of players, dependent on the number of entries. One day is dedicated to Junior Players and one to Cadet Players, both boys and girls. The event is played on the basis of a number of groups of players who play a round-robin event to decide the out come of the group. The top player of each group then plays the top player of each of the other groups; the second player plays the second player of each of the other groups and so on.

The results of the trials are then decided on the outcome of the second set of matches, that is the winner of the top group will be ranked 1, the runner up 2 and so on; the winner of the runners up group will be ranked behind the player finishing bottom of the top group. The same procedure carries on for all of the groups until a final set of rankings is produced.

The County Association meets all costs associated with the trials, the only time a League is asked for costs is if players they have nominated do not attend the trials without giving reasonable notice, i.e. one week, in which case the nominating League is asked to pay the sum of 5.00. The results of the trials are then notified to the County Selection Committee.

In the case of Senior and Veteran players the ranking list is made up from the E.T.T.A. national ranking lists.

The Selection Committee picks the various County teams from the ranking lists provided from the Junior and Cadet Trials and the National ranking list in the case of Senior and Veteran players.