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Have you ever thought about becoming a qualified umpire?

Lancashire County TTA is very keen to encourage more people within Lancashire to become Local or County Umpires. Whether young or not so young there is a need for umpires and referees at events throughout the county. There are many rewarding benefits to becoming an umpire. A lot of adult players take up umpiring to get a ring side view of some of the best matches in England or abroad, and find it a very rewarding way of giving something back to the game. Many also enjoy the social side of meeting new people at events throughout the county and further afield.

There is no age restriction to becoming an umpire. Starting with the Junior Umpire Award (JUA) with no minimum age limit, you can rapidly move up the umpiring ladder to become a Local Umpire (LU), County Umpire (CU), National Umpire (NU) or International Umpire (IU).

The Local Umpire qualification is a basic umpire test for those whose interest is initially in umpiring only at local level. It requires a sound knowledge of the Laws and basic scoring procedures.

To assist candidates, syllabus notes have been prepared and they provide the backbone for the completion of the written test paper. To complete the qualification, those who pass the written test then undergo a short practical test, which is conducted by two examiners at least one of whom is qualified to the level of County Umpire or higher. This can be undertaken at one of a number of Table Tennis competitions in the county. The ETTA National Umpires and Referees Committee (NURC) Secretary is responsible for the registration of newly qualified umpires.

Mick Strode umpiring at Doha

Mick Strode IU umpiring the World Team final in Doha (photo Marian Domonkos)

So whether you would like just to know more about the laws of the game, umpire at club or league tournaments, or umpire at the highest levels we hope that you are encouraged to take an umpires qualification.
If you know anyone else in your club who may be interested, please point them towards this page.

Click here to download a copy of the Junior Umpire Award test paper (255Kb) PDF
Click here to download a copy of the Local Umpire test paper, the syllabus notes and relevant Laws (258Kb) PDF.
To obtain a County Umpire (CU) test paper, please contact Ken Armson at the address below.

Candidates who live in Lancashire should send completed LU test papers for marking to:

Mr Ken Armson MBE,
Lancashire County Umpires Secretary,
21 Armscot Close,
L25 0NX
Tel: 0151 486 3073